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Update: Alan Lasater has died, per Lorna Huddleston. This is the email for Alan’s family at Lasater Ranch:

 New Email Address for Miantae McConnell: and Jack Dubow
Also short update from Jack in "Where Are They Now"
Bucky Stamp

·         New Bucky Fuller Postage Stamp.                      Check your local PO or click this link à   

·         See recent letter from Robin Bee now returned from Thailand in "Where Are They Now"

·         See Marc Silber's updated weblink, email and note in "Where Are They Now"

·         Warm congrats to Melanie (Peck) Supersano, now Melanie "Robbins".  Little Angela Renee born Oct. 26, 2004.
Check out her web album at:   password  = eyezzz
Tony Granatowski

·         Tony Granatowski passed away 1/24/2004.     Click here for a corrected version of Tony’s obit. 
Click this Link for a recent retrospective from Tony's stepdaughter Claire,
and here for one from his old friend “Detroit Dave”


·         Sandy Jones, from Pacific High School in San Bernardino, CA asked us to post this link to their site:

·         Have enjoyed maintaining this site but demands of work etc. have made it tough to stay on top of it.
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·         Message from the family of Belinda Kerr and Sandy Brainerd.  Click here to see their request on The PHS Bulletin Board.

·         Steve Katona submitted an updated note on Elspeth.  (just click on her name under "Lists" "Those Who Died")

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·         Stan Bean shares some thoughts on Alan Strain and ongoing adventures in education in "Where Are They Now"

·         Alan StrainAlan Strain, who helped found Pacific in 1962 passed away August 26, 2003 click HERE for details.

·         Melanie has a great little clip of last reunion, here's the site:

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Pacific Notes
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Photo Gallery - courtesy of Christopher Richard
1966 Photos - courtesy of Melanie (Peck) Supersano 

The 1997 Reunion - photos
The 2002 Reunion - in progress
Portland Reunion
  - from Robin Bee - September, 2002
New Pics !
- (anybody have anything to submit?)


A Visit to Pacific High School, 1963
The 1997 Reunion -  rememberences

The 2002 Reunion -  in progress  
The Next Reunion - under construction
Gatherings - under construction

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